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Elkton Baptist Church News

[Church news for Mar 17, 2019, submitted by Lily Brenner.]

Pastor Kent Parson welcomed the congregation. Traci Davis was our choir director and Karen Nickel was our pianist. Tim Brenner and Dennis Long were the sound and video technicians. Ron Kallweit and Bill Mendenhall collected the offering. Karen Nickel sang “A Perfect Heart”. Pastor Kent Parson sermon text was “Woman Behold Thy Son” and was from Luke 1:46-55 and Matthew 12:46-50. Announcements:  Ladies Bible study taught by Melba Mendenhall  March 18th at 10 a.m.,  March 20th church business meeting at 7:30 p.m., choir practice 5:30 Thursday March 21st, Pastor/Deacon meeting March 24th at 8:30 a.m., March 31st church will have a song service at 2 p.m. Prayer requests: Brenda Remfer family, Lionel Barnes family,  Lee Ella Geilenfeldt, Greg Hunt, McKynna Stevens, Johnny Fellers, John Dobson, Linda Yarbourough,  Roseanna Ream, Pam Leach, Emmett Hiesering, Debbie Fausett, Susan Jones, Denny Peoples, Karen Nickles sister Joyce, Bernadette Brock, Holly Lorenzo, David Bybee, Russ Thomas, Jim and Glenda Waterfield, Sam Edwards, Lindsey Pearson, Marie Johnson, Dale Johnson, Caidyen Whittle, our military including: Mandy Rock, Kyle Smail, and Shaun Chaney. Sunday school superintendent Tim Brenner read II Cornithians 13:11-14 and dismissed the congregation to their classes.